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The Villa de Madrid Cultural Association, aiming to contribute to the enrichment of the contemporary choral music repertory, announces Magerit’s third Choral Composition Contest (XX Aniversary), according to the following


FIRST — The contest is open to every composer worldwide, without limitations of age or nationality.

SECOND — The work may have text, although it is not compulsory. If it has text, the subject will be of free choice, religious or profane, and it must be written in any of Spain’s official languages (Castilian, Catalan, Galician or Basque) or in latin, accompanying the corresponding translation into Spanish.

THIRD — The work must be written for mixed choir a cappella for four voices (SATB), being allowed to occasionally split any of the voices. The Jury will value above all the suitability of the work for amateur mixed choirs in terms of performing difficulty, extension and tessitura.

FOURTH — The length of the performance must be less than eight minutes.

FIFTH — Every submitted work must always be original, not published commercially and not performed in public before the Jury’s decision.

SIXTH — Each composer is responsible for the use of the texts included in the work, and must have applicable rights to use them.

SEVENTH — Each composer can submit as many compositions as desired, although there will be a limit of one prize awarded per composer. The music sheets must be legible, without deletions or ambiguities, and with every page numbered, stapled or bound. Music sheets can include, if necessary, explanations about unusual composing annotations. Also, a brief comment on the work can be included, if desired.

EIGHTH — Deadline for work submission is September 30th, 2009, using the postmark as reference date. The work must be sent by certified mail and using a pseudonym as sender’s name, to the following address:

Asociación Cultural Villa de Madrid
Apartado de correos 60135
28080 Madrid


  1. Contestants must submit six copies of each composition.
  2. Only the work’s title and the author’s pseudonym must appear in the heading of the first page. The music sheet must never include the author’s true identity, nor any signs or abbreviations that allow his/her identification.
  3. Together with the six copies, contestants must enclose an envelope with the same pseudonym in the outer part. Inside the envelope must be the author’s complete name, address, telephone number, e-mail —if possible— and brief Curriculum Vitae.
  4. These envelopes will only be opened when the corresponding work is awarded a prize. The rest of the envelopes will be destroyed without opening, as well as the non-awarded work.
  5. Contestants presenting more than one composition must send each one separately.

TENTH — The following prizes will be awarded:
First prize: € 1.500
Second prize: € 700
Third prize: € 350

The Jury’s decision will be unappealable, and it can determine no winner for any of the prizes, based on the quality of all the work presented.

ELEVENTH — The Jury will be formed by renowned musicians, with Magerits’s Choir Director acting as secretary and non voter. The Jury’s annoucement of the winners will be communicated to the authors of the awarded compositions before January 30th, 2010, and will be announced through different means on the aforementioned date.

TWELFTH — The work awarded with the first prize will be performed for the first time by the Magerit Choir in the Twelfth Annual Contemporary Choral Music Concert, that will take place in Madrid on June, 2010. The presentation ceremony of the awarded compositions will be held at the concert.

The other awarded compositions will become part of Magerit’s Choir repertory, which will be performed with the consent of the authors, and shall not be released nor performed by any other choir before January, 2010. In addition, Magerit Choir will consider the possibility of including them in their future recordings.

The winners must add the inscription “First/Second/Third Prize - Magerit’s Third Annual Contest for Choral Composition” on the front page of the awarded scores.

THIRTEENTH — Participation in this Contest implies the acceptance of all of the above guidelines. The Villa de Madrid Cultural Association will resolve all of the incidences that could result from the interpretation of these guidelines.


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